Monday 6 February 2012

Pebble drawing

Finally got round to making a bit of pebble art and i love it! As a bit of a compulsive doodler of very similar patterns i found it quite blissful drawing on the cool hard stone with a white marker. This large grey stone has travelled with me to four different homes now and ive never really known why i love it (it has no use, not even as a door stop, it just rolls away!) but i always have and now i think i love the decorated version even more. Just wish i lived by the sea so i could find more stones and pebbles to try this out on!

FYI this is the pen i used, a Posca Round Tip Ultra Fine in White, which i bought from hobbycraft, although im sure any finetip white pen would work fine.



  1. This is lovely! I would love to know what types of pens you use.

  2. Thanks! Ive added a picture of my pen and the details