Saturday 17 March 2012

Tomb of Unknown Craftsman

I went to the Grayson Perry/British Museum collaboration recently. The British Museum is one my favourite places to go, i love the central atrium especially, and this time, becaue i got there so early, i watched sun light gradually fill the atrium - it was spectaular! I took this lovely ombre photo of the glass ceiling but even that doesnt do the experience justice.
The exhibition its self was very good, maybe slightly more heavy going that i anticipated as i always see Grayson Perry as quite a flamboyant and lively character but maybe thats the British Museum side of it coming though. There was some stunning pieces both by Garyson Perry and from the BM archives, i especially loved it when the two overalpped each other. Where Perry had made something very much in the syle of the item from the archive, that worked particularly well and made you look at some things twice.
I had few favourites but the one that stands out was a bamboo star map, very simple and practical but a real work of art. I suppose thats my definition of craft, something useful made beautiful

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