Friday 13 April 2012

Babies snakes (well hopefully in a few months!)

Now i know the title alone will have out a few people off but lovely BM and i keep snakes, we have 6 of our own and 4 currently loaned to us for a bit of breeding (yes you counted right, i have 10 snakes in my house!)
Well one of the females laid 21 eggs last week - which is brilliant! We've not had the best of luck breeding, with a dodgy batch last year, that produced 2 very small snakes that we've had to hand feed and then nothing since, even though 2 females showed promising signs they had eggs but none subsequently appeared. So were really pleased to have finally got some eggs, and such a good number. Fingers crossed theyre all fertile and give us some super cute teeny tiny baby snakes in 2 months time. So watch this space (or not if your not a snake fan, baby snakes still seem to freak people out even though they couldnt hurt a fly!)

muma snake defending her eggs

21 healthy looking eggs, snake eggs are not like bird eggs, theyre soft not hard so thats why they look a bit squidged, and the crosses are so we know which way up they go, the embryo attaches itself to the top of the egg in the air pocket so its important not to turn them.

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