Wednesday 13 March 2013

Magnetic Rolling Planner/Calendar

I love lists, planners, diaries, calendars, notebooks, anything on paper really but i do have an issue with paper - writing anything its just so permanent and therefore inflexible. My life feels too unpredictable for that, too many things change too quickly and also i like to plan further ahead than some diaries and calendars allow

My one really big issue with paper diaries and calendar is when you get to the end of the month or week you have to flip the page to see the next week or month. I know that sounds ridiculous but i like being able to see everything in one go. I get round this by using online calendars and to do lists but they dont work as well when more than one person is involved. Lovely BM is less keen on lists and plans as i am (ie he's normal!) so i have no chance of getting him onboard with an online system so at home i have to use a paper calendar - and im back to my old issue :( But then inspiration struck (thanks jetlag induced insomnia!) - i could make myself a rolling calendar!

I used an old metal memo board and some strips of magnetic sheet
I made 5 strips (5 weeks ahead is my preferred range!) and split them into 7 squares with permanent pen. I then used a non permanent pen to add in the dates and the reminders
So when the top week ends, i peel it off and wipe off the dates and reminders
Move everything up and then add the blank week at the bottom
Add in the new dates and reminders and im good to go! How have i survived this long without this in my life - its the BEST!!

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