Tuesday 6 August 2013

Adding colour - simple DVD tower make over

I love all the ideas out there about adding colour to the inside of furniture

Like this from House to Home

And this from iheartorgainsing

I wanted to do something myself but wasnt keen on the idea of it being permanent so shied away from painting. So i followed House to Homes suggestion of using wallpaper. I also decide to not attach the wall paper permanently so i could change it if i didnt like it.

So this is what i was trying to liven up, our 4 Ikea Benno DVD towers. Nice but very plain.

And this is what i ended up with - so much better!

I just used wallpaper samples i got from the local DIY shop, cut them to match and slid them inside the DVD towers. I took the back panel off one of the stands and used that to cut everything to the right size, so there was not constant re-trimming needed! The items in the shelves mostly hold the paper in place but i used some repositional glue dots where they werent so secure.

This is what they look like in use. I just love them, its such a subtle way of adding colour and pattern to a room and even better it was free!!!