Friday 6 June 2014

Lace tip wedding shoes



My proper wedding shoes (the one for the photos, the ones ill be wearing once all that's done are here) are only inexpensive ones from a low cost shoe shop. But they arent exactly the right colour on the tip, theyre a bit too gold, i need them more silver. I though i might try spray painting them but just wasnt feeling it. So i thought id try and embellish them with some lace instead. I figured if i didnt like it i could still paint them. I just used pva glue and stuck the trimmed lace directly on the shoe leather (by leather i mean plastic!). I think theyve turned out pretty well :) i dont think theyd withstand much rain or even much use to be honest but theyll more than do for the big day! Im going to wear them around a bit and check it all stays in, if not i might paint them instead...

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