Monday 16 January 2012

Gingerbread house

My sister bought me this for Christmas and i decided to make it this weekend

The kit came with the pieces pre-baked but I think it would be pretty easy to make them yourself. It needs to be a pretty hard gingerbread biscuit though to stand upright

I added icing to the front and back pieces

and then assembled the basic house

The kit came with a handy little tray to make the house on with some recesses where you put the sides of the house, it does make it more stable, but i dont think it was entirely necessary

I then added the roof pieces, using a lot of icing as they did slip to begin with

and then decorated the hell out of it!!

I'm not sure cake decorating will ever be a strenght of mine, im not precise enough but i certainly enjoyed myself making it! That fact that i ate a shed load of icing had nothing to do with it...

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