Thursday 21 February 2013

Granny square blanket

Talk about a labour of love - Ive been making a granny square blanket for nearly a year now but i am proud to say that it is finally finished!!
Its made up of 144 squares, that was hard work enough, but then weaving in all the ends nearly put me off totally and then i still had to make it up... but i did it :)

Its probably only a month or so's actual work but i procrastinated and delayed and stalled so much that it became a lot more work than it should have. Lesson to be learned - just get on with stuff - a project is much less intimidating the more of it you do!
I used this pattern from Purl Bee for the squares and just used (all) the wool i already had (amazing stash buster!)

Its a gift for my wonderful sister who lives on the other side of the world to me (sad face) but i plan to add more squares to the next time i visit her or she visits us, hopefully itll be huge by the time were old ladies together!

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