Tuesday 31 January 2012

Flying birds quilt

I have fallen in love with this quilt! Hopefully i'll get to make it one day but i might need to save up for the volume of fabric a large bedspread sized one would require! Purlbee really does have the most amazing pattern and tutorials. I love the flying bird/triangle pattern and how the direction of the birds and the fabrics are abit mismatched in places. I love the colour scheme too - definitely one to add to the wish list!

Monday 30 January 2012

Cami band - made!

I got round to making my cami band this weekend. I made it with stretch black lycra following the instructions at makeit-loveit. I am pleased with how it turned out (sorry for the terrible photos, it looks nicer in reality) but i'll definitely make some changes on the next one. I wont use the shiny black lycra again, its too slippy and the band tended to rise up while i was wearing it today, and i think i'll make it longer too. As you can see from the picture i wore it with a particularly short tshirt and i was a bit self conscious all day of the tshirt rising up and exposing the band (and my tum!). Also i think i might try and taper it round my waist a bit more, it fit perfectly round my hips but was a bit loose round my waist, which also made me a bit self-conscious, that maybe you could see the layer of fabric beneath the tshirt. But even with all those negatives i still really like the effect and ive ordered some stretch jersey cotton to try out for the next ones :)
See the mark 2 version here


Sunday 29 January 2012

Biology Papercuts continued...

Well i finally had some time to try out the biology themed papercuts that i wanted to try. Although they're a bit rough a round the edges in places, im quite impressed with how well they have turned out. Clockwise, from the top left, there is an animal cell, a plant cell, the phospholipid bilayer and a synapse. I think these kind of biological diagrams translate really well into papercuts. I cant wait to try a few more, possibly one of the stages of mitosis or maybe some neurones...

Saturday 28 January 2012

Luggage tag gift tags

I made these gift tags today and i think they've turned out really well. I love simple manilla/kraft paper and these luggage tags are particularly cute. I just printed 'To..' and 'From..' on them on my regular printer and then stuck some old foreign stamps on them for a bit of colour. Im really pleased how theyve turned out :)

Friday 27 January 2012

Knitted Dissceted Rat

I couldnt resist buying this pattern when i saw it on etsy. Its another combination of the things i love, science/biology and crafting. I found it on etsy in The Crafty Hedgehog's shop and i cant wait to make it!

Thursday 26 January 2012

Bady beardied dragons

In addition to both having full time jobs and my quite time consuming love of crafting lovely BM and I also keep snakes. We currently have 11 in the house, i think its officially a zoo! Now,  snakes arent everyone's thing so i wont post any pictures on here but recently we looked after some bearded dragon eggs for a friend and they hatched last week, and they are sooo cute that i have to post some pictures. Everyone loves clumsy baby animals so, even if you dont like reptiles, i think you'll find these pretty adorable!

Wednesday 25 January 2012

Cami Bands

I saw this amazing advert the other day for Cami Bands and i immediately wanted some! I think i have a long body or something as my tshirts and tops are always a little bit short, but i get really hot if i put another layer underneath so these are just genius - and extra layer from waist down to hips only, hides any exposed flesh but doesnt cover my back and chest and make me overheat! I thought about ordering some from the US but having not touched them and felt the fabric i was a bit reluctant so i thought id have a go and make some myself. I found this tutorial over at makeit-loveit, which is actually for maternity bands (im not preggers!) but i though the principle is still the same so im going to give them a go this weekend. I bought some black lycra from ebay but i might branch out in different colour/patterns if they work well, i like the idea of a stretch lace one if poss. I'll keep you posted...

See my first attempt here
See the mark 2 version here

Tuesday 24 January 2012