Sunday 8 September 2013

Dopamine Embroidery

Making my cute little bird embroidery gave me a bit of an embroidery bug so i wanted to make something else. Id seen a few molecule embroideries (like this one by itsastitch) in the blogosphere and they definitely resonated with the scientist in me! But i wanted to create something a bit more personal to me. So, as two of my close family have battled Parkinson's Disease, i knew that Dopamine was the molecule for me! Although PD suffers lack their own Dopamine, synthetic Dopamine can give them their lives back so it really is a wonder molecule in my eyes. And the key to synthesising any molecule is knowing its chemical structure. Dopamine replacement therapy doesnt work forever, PD is degenerative and there is no cure, but this is my little thankyou for the extra time that knowing this structure has given me with the people i love

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