Tuesday 26 November 2013

First ever craft fair!

I did my first ever craft fair last weekend!! I was selling my snuggly baby blankets, theyre also for sale in my etsy shop. It was quite a small fair, in my local town center, and i only sold one blanket but it was a great experience and i got loads of positive feedback. Unfortunately not many people shopping had babies to buy for. It made me realise that baby blankets are quite a niche market and that i need to diversify for my next fair.

This is my stall, i covered the table in hessian

Then i displayed my blankets in some old metal filing trays i borrowed from my mum

I made some chalkboard paint price signs out of old ikea benno dvd tower shelves

And decorated the stall with some bunting made out of teatowels!

I also built this quilt display ladder from some left over wood and dowelling. It worked perfectly :)

I had a great time at the fair and met some nice people and i'll definitely be doing some craft fairs again soon - watch this space :)

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