Wednesday 7 March 2012

David Shrigley Exhibit

David Shrigley
I went to the wonderful David Shrigley exhibit at the Haywood Gallery last week. It was really excellent, his usual mix of ecclectic items and clever jokes with a really irreverent feel to it. The was a little passage way between the two rooms that really only children could fit under, the adults had to walk back round, which i thought was really cute idea - nice and inclusive for the kids!
I had 2 favourite pieces, one was a taxidermy rat tucked in a corner, it make me do a proper double take and then chuckle out loud when i realised i'd been fooled, and the other was a ceramic tooth full of holes infront of a mirror so you looked at yourself when you walked up to see what the piece was called - and he called it 'this is decay', again made me chuckle out loud
I really recommend it if you are thinking of going, i had to change the date of my ticket a few times and the staff were really helpful about that too

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