Thursday 15 March 2012

Ruffle Heart Tshirt

I thought i'd have a go at making the oh so cute ruffle heart dress over at make it love it but i made mine as an adult tshirt instead of a dress. I love how it turned out although my heart is a bit wonky (that'll teach me to check stuff before i start cutting!!)
This was my second attempt at this as the first went horribly wrong so i made some changes to the process to make it a bit more idiot proof!
Id recommend as thick a tshirt as possible as that makes it much easier to sew. My first tshirt was so thin and flimsy that it got all stretched and bunched up when i sewed around the heart
I also made the ruffled section into a square at first as i found this easier to sew the ruffles onto and it made positioning the heart easier, a bit more forgiving
The best tip though is to not cut the hole in the tshirt and then sew the heart in, i sewed the tshirt and the ruffle square together in a heart shape then then cut the hole in the tshirt afterwards, and then cut any excess of the ruffle section inside away aswell.
And finally check your heart isnt wonky before you start cutting...

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