Wednesday 25 April 2012

Knitted Pencils

I feel in love with these little crocheted pencils at crochet n play designs but im rubbish at crochet and trying to make them was slowly driving me insane. So i thought - stick to what you know abi - and i found this cute knitting pattern for very similar pencils from Mochimochi land. (If you dont know about Mochimochi land then please check them out, they make the cutest little knitted things and they specialise in teeny tiny knits!)
Anyway back to the pencils - these were so easy to make, they took me less than an hour each and im not a fast knitter by anyones standard. I just changed the colour of the body each time to make myself a set (spot the 'deliberate' mistake with the tips though!). I used up my some of  my wool stash doing these and used lots of different thickness wools, which hopefully explains the varaiation in size (not that i cant count stitches or rows at all!) but i'm really pleased how they turned out, now do i give them away or keep them for myself...

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