Thursday 24 May 2012

Homemade Giant Confetti

I love giant confetti. No idea why, i just think its so much cooler than the normal little cutesy stuff. Lovely BM and I have a few weddings to go to this year so i thought i'd make myself some. Ideally i wanted circle confetti but the large circle punches are not cheap. I've been circling my local Hobbycraft sale aisle like a shark for months waiting for them to put one in there but no luck. But then last week this giant scalloped square got added (£3.79 thanks very much!) so i snapped that up, it'll make an excellent substitute.
So the rest is pretty simple, punch out lots of squares of coloured tissue paper and put them in some pretty glassine bags. I might stitch along the top of the bags if im going to hand them out to other people, just so they dont go everywhere in people's bags and pockets etc.
Happy confetti-ing! :)

Punch, tissue paper and glassine bag

Confetti (looks like little raviolis!)

Bagged Confetti

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