Monday 14 May 2012

Tin Can Cakes

I thought these little tin can cakes at Oh Happy Day were so cute i wanted to see if i could make them too.
I used this Chocolate cake recipe by Nigella Lawson (US version here), which i love - not too sweet and really fudgey. So i put the mix into my cans, baked them and happily, all went well!

 I turned them out ok, which I was worried about. I had greased and floured the inside and put greaseproof at the bottom. Im just not sure i like the ridged edge the cans give the cake... need to try and find smooth sided cans.

I cut the uneven top off (yum i love eating the scraps!), cut them in to 3 and then frosted them. I was practising my frosting so i used a few different techniques.
I think theyre pretty cute, some issues need ironing out but theres definitely potential here :)

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