Saturday 9 June 2012

Bed Caddy

As lovely as lovely BM is, he isnt very tidy! He loves to just drop his stuff (wallet, phone, receipts, season  ticket etc) on the floor by the bed and leave it there until he needs it. Most of the time this doesnt bother me but sometime it does. So, as im a great believer in changing stuff that annoys me rather than just getting more and more annoyed about it, i decided to make him a bed caddy. I used an old grey wool coat that has been begging to be upcycled, you can still see the shape of the back of the coat in the 'in progrees' photo. I added some pockets to fit the stuff he most commonly drops on the floor, sewed on some velcro and fixed it in place - ta da! My irritation levels have dropped and lovely BM has all his stuff in one place. Win win really :)

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