Wednesday 20 June 2012

Rodarte Inspired Hairclip

I love this diy Rodarte inspired hairclip tutorial at Refinery 29 so i thought i'd have a go myself. Love how it turned out, im going to wear it clipped at the nape/side of my neck when i have my hair in a messy side bun - my old faithful wedding guest hairstyle!


  1. love this idea! i'll have to try it out myself :)

    1. im so glad you like it! send me a picture when you make yours :)

  2. Hi Abi,

    I found your blog via Refinery 29, and it's lovely!
    May I just ask - where did you find the star studs? I've only managed to find the gold ones in one size on, I think, either Love Craft ( or Amazon.

  3. Thanks! I got my star studs from ebay, this seller does them in a few different sizes and colours
    Have fun making your hair clip :)

  4. This is great, thank you so much!