Monday 13 August 2012

Embroidered card

On a bit of card making session at the moment! I love embroidery but im not very good at it so i figured even i couldnt mess up something where i selected and made the holes myself first! I drew the words very lightly in pencil and then used a sharp needle (must be sharp, i runied the first version by using a blunt needle and bending the card!) to poke holes about 1cm apart, or closer on a curve. I then back stitched from one hole to the next in this beautiful coral thread i had. I think it needs a bit more embellishment before i can give it to someone, maybe a border.. i'll have a think and get back to you!

FYI A normal stitch goes up through hole 1, back down hole 2, up through 3, down through 4. Backstitching goes up through 2, back down 1, up though 4, back down through 3 etc

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