Sunday 4 November 2012

George Foreman Grill Paninis

I love paninis but i dont love the idea of buying yet another kitchen gadget to make them. Then, when i was close to giving in and buying a panini maker a little light bulb pinged on above my head! I bought lovely BM a George Foreman grill as a house warming present many moons ago - would that work? So i gave it a go and it doesnt just work it makes brilliant paninis! So i just had to share

So these are all my ingredients, i made a mozzarella, parma ham and sunblush tomato panini with garlic herb butter

First off i spread my panini halves with the garlic herb butter. I use this recipe from Annie's Eats. (My butter was frozen which is why its in little lumps!)

Then i toast the panini halves to get all the garlic and herbs into the bread

Take them off the grill and add the filling

Pop them back on the grill, squish them down flat with the lid and let them grill away
Once theyre toasted to your liking, cut them in half and scoff them down :)

Enjoy! Lovely BM and I certainly did :)

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