Friday 21 December 2012

Meringues :)

The fruit tart i made my mum used a lot of egg yolks for the filling so what else are you going to make with a glut of egg whites! Meringues of course, the fact they happen to be one of my dads favourite things (and mine!) is just an added bonus

(Sorry my folks had eaten all the filling before i got back round to photo them! Lucky i prefer them plain isnt it!)

Meringues used to be my nemesis i could not make them to save my life. Then lovely BMs mum bought me this Good Housekeeping recipe book one Christmas and in it was a recipe for Foolproof Meringues. If im honest i probably though 'Foolproof you say? Well i'll show you!' but when i tried them they actually worked! I was overjoyed and i havent really stopped making them since.
I cant find the recipe online anywhere but its basically a cooked meringue. Instead of whisking the egg whites, then adding the sugar, you whisk the whites and sugar all together in a bowl over hot water. It works like a dream for me :)

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