Thursday 6 December 2012

Drawstring bags (for snakes!)

Now i have been known to complain that there isnt much you can make (crafting wise) for a pet snake. They arent going to appreciate a little knitted jumper and they certainly arent going to be interested in a little patchwork mousey toy (both suggestions that have been rapidly vetoed by lovely BM, with good reason!)

But when a snake came on loan last month (we borrow snakes to breed with our females) i realised i had missed a trick! The excellent reptile shop we use 888 Reptiles, always deliver their snakes in little cloth bags. These are to keep the snake secure and to make them feel safe as they like small dark environments, especially when potentially stressed. So it thought id have a go at making some myself, for our snakes.

And i love how they turned out. I think thinner cord might be better for the next version, to make the top tighter when closed but apart for that theyre perfect :)
I think im going to iron on the snakes names with transfer paper, its important they have their own to avoid any contamination, and make them even cuter!

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