Saturday 5 January 2013

One Year Anniversary!

Its one year since my first ever blog post :)
I think i fulfilled my resolution to keep a record of the things i make and want to make, and i still think if anyone else likes what i post then thats just a bonus!
Having the blog has definitely inspired me to create more, make different things and has made me look at crafting and making as a potential business, but im a long way from that yet!
I plan to continue the same way in 2013, i still feel the blog is more for me to record what ive done rather than to share it with the world but maybe that outlook will change this year. But my main resolution is to take better photos, might even invest in a proper camera and stop using my iphone!!

My top 5 makes of 2012

5. Cami Bands - consistently most viewed pages!

4.  Doilie Wrapped Flowers - a beautiful simple idea

3. Leather and Tube Bead Bangles - i wear these all the time!

2. Needlepoint clutch - such a labour of love!

1. Basketweave blanket - i really love this blanket as does the cat!

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