Friday 28 June 2013

Organising Fortnight (ish)

So, lovely BM and i moved house in March and we were unpacked and organised in record time but then it just tailed off. All the big things, the important things and even the medium and small things got done but all those tiny touches that need doing to make you house look nicer got put off and put off. So im dedicating the next fortnight (ish) to me sorting it all out! The ish is because everything always takes longer than i think it does....
The main area i want to sort out is my craft room.

Everything is pretty organised but its just not pretty or inviting at the moment. Especially since lovely BM has moved in and made it his temporary study until his fitted study is built. So i want to make it more welcoming and make the storage more efficient and defintely more pretty.
I also plan to sort out the bathroom storage and maybe some of the kitchen cupboards but we'll see how i get on with the craft room first!

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