Wednesday 29 February 2012

Cami bands - continued...

So i posted my first attempt at a cami band here a while ago and ive made a new modified version
Its still based on the fab tutorial over at makeit-loveit, but ive modified it so its more suitable for a non pregnant lady!
So i made a cami band following the tutorial at makeit-loveit. I made it much longer and bit tighter than my previous attempt and used jersey instead of shiny lycra. This was all in the hope it would stay put more and ride up less.

I used some khaki jersey that i bought from ebay.

Then i created some darts around the top and pinned them in place. These are just little folds or pleats in the fabric that just decrease the circumference of the band at the top where your waist is.
Lots of smaller pleats are better than a few large ones and try and space them evenly.
I only needed 4 on this cami band as i made it deliberately tight across my hips but another one i made needed 10.

I then stitched lengthways down the dart/pleat, about a third of the way down the band and repeated that for the rest of them

And voila - a tailored cami band :) i call it cami band 2.0

I wore it today and it was very comfortable, definitely and improvement on the original version.

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