Thursday 23 February 2012

Ninja matryoshka Tutorial

I love russian dolls or matryoshkas, i always have. I think ive had one set or another my whole life. Theres some amazingly designed ones out there and i thought id customise my own set as a little troop of ninjas!

I bought the plain blanks from ebay and just used some high gloss enamel black spray paint to cover them. I used Plasti-kote from Hobbycraft but i think if i make them again i'll paint them by hand using the little tins of paint you get for model airplanes etc. The spraying just felt very wasteful as i used the whole can on this one project.

The one they were painted i covered them in masking tape and then used a scalpel to cut out the eye holes and sprayed the holes with red spray paint this time.

Again i think id paint them by hand next time as some of the red bled under the masking tape. But overall im really happy how they turned out. Now my home is projected by ninjas!

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