Monday 2 July 2012

Cataloguing my fabric

I keep all my fabric in a massive really useful box to keep it all tidy and because im a bit short on space.

But it means that i cant always see or even remember what fabric ive got. I'd always check before buying new fabric so i didnt duplicate (short on space remember!) but i sometimes think it would be nice to be inspired by my fabrics so i decided to do a photo catalogue of it all.
I just took photos of each fabric and then saved them on my computer. That would probably be enough as i'm always on my computer but i thought a print out to store with the fabric as well would be good.
Luckily windows has a great print pictures function which allows you to print lots of photos together. Before i knew this i used to copy and paste everything into a word document!

So open windows explorer and select the all photos you want to print 

Once theyre all selected right click your mouse and select print

This will open Windows photo viewer
Select 'contact sheet (35)' and then hit print

Contact sheet prints your photos 35 to a page so theyre pretty small, you can choose different layout if you want them bigger

So i just popped my sheets on the top of my fabric box so i can easily look through and get inspired!

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