Thursday 26 July 2012

Shrinky dink ring fail that im very proud of!

Now i dont like how this shrinky dink ring turned out at all, wrong size, bent all wrong and just looks rubbish. But ive posted it because im quite pleased with the very simple flower design i drew on it! As i mentioned in yesterday's post i was repeatedly told by teachers i was terrible at art and not at all artistic (both my mum and sister are very artistic so that comparison didnt help). My adult brain can now translate that into meaning i'm not a natural at drawing still life in pencil (pretty much all we did) but my younger brain took it very personally and i kept away from anything arty or even creative for a long time. (I am a scientist by profession, not that thats not creative, but it certainly doesnt require me to do a pencil drawing of fruit!). Ive obviously overcome this (the previous 100ish posts hopefully confirm that!) but i do still struggle to draw anything freehand with confidence. So im pleased with the cute, little, slightly abstract, flowers i drew on this crappy ring and in my opinion you should always celebrate anything youre proud of, no matter how small :)

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