Wednesday 25 July 2012

Balloon girl pendant

I love Banksy's Girl with Heart Balloon and wanted to make a necklace of something similar. The spending embargo is still full force so i thought id experiment with some shrinky dinks i had.
I'm rubbish at drawing so I just copied a girl silhouette i found online and drew some balloons free hand (a massive accomplishment for the girl who repeatedly got Fs in art class for years!)
I drew them about 2/2.5 time bigger than i wanted and then punched some holes in them and baked them as per the instructions. And i l-o-v-e how its turned out :)
Then i spotted a huge error, can you see it?...


Theres suppose to be two chains between the girl and the balloons and then they all go on a necklace. But where exactly am i planning on attaching the girl and the balloons to the rest of the necklace?! That's right, not enough holes by half!
So i'll need to remake them but i'm still pleased with my first attempt efforts :)

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