Sunday 10 March 2013

Biscuits and boxes

My mum was on holiday at the same time as lovely BM and I so my aunts kindly stepped in to make sure my dad was ok while we were all off enjoying ourselves! (NB. my dad has health issues which makes flying and being away from home stressful for him (and us) so hes prefers to holiday at home, we didnt exclude him deliberately!) So as a thankyou i thought i would make my aunts some biscuits.
The biscuits are an amazing chocolate sable from Smitten Kitchen which were just ridiculously delicious! And i thought they deserved theyre own special packaging too

I made a double walled box (where the walls all tuck in on themselves to make a much nicer visible edge) and little slip cover (i used this free pattern by Mel Stampz for the slip cover)
I wrapped the cookies in greaseproof paper to keep them protected and made it look a bit more finished
A pretty cute little thankyou gift i think!

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