Monday 25 March 2013

Caramel and Chocolate ice cream

I went a bit ice cream crazy last weekend and made a couple of different bacthes and some ice cream sandwiches - i think i was in a sugar coma by sunday!
The reason was, that i found the simplest recipe ever. Just custard, cream and whatever flavour you want - thats it! Too good to be true? I thought id give it a go and see.
I wanted to make dulce leche ice cream but my local supermarker didnt have any and i didnt have time to go anywhere else, but then i spotted some caramel and chocolate spread and figured that would be an ok substitute - and it really was! This ice cream is delicious :) I just added a big spoon full of the caramel and chocolate spread to the mix and froze it in the ice cream maker. It made a lovely creamy caramelly chocolately ice cream, a-mazing!
I'll be making this again (once ive burnt off this batch!)

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