Sunday 20 April 2014

Iced sugar cookies - wedding favour practise

I'm not brilliant at piping, and ive never tried piping royal icing but i really want to make iced cookied as my wedding favours so i figured id better brush up my skills!
The cookies are these amazing chocolate sugar cookies by sprinkle bakes (theyre so good that 4 cookies didnt make it to the photo opp!) and i followed this icing tutorial by the ever wonderful annie's eats
Initially i tried piping with just a plastic piping bag, no special tip, just the end cut off the bag and this wasnt great. The bag makes quite a flat stream of icing, not what i was looking for. I also made the icing slightly too thick. I found if it was super thick the tension of squeezing the bag make me go wonky. So second time around (blue icing) i used a proper metal piping tip, approx 2mm hole, and thinner icing and it was so much easier. I think i might have gone slightly the other way and made the blue icing too thin, as it spread more than i wanted, but it was still a better effect than previously. Next time i just need to pay really close attention to the icing thickness, thats the most important thing...
I also need to check whether the un-iced cookies freeze well, if they do then theyre definitely my wedding favour cookies!

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