Wednesday 2 April 2014

Wedding Invitations

The invitations have gone out! I printed them all myself, it was really easy. I used this lovely free font Jenna Sue for all the text and printed it in a lavender colour. To make them I just bought card blanks from hobbycraft and made a template for each page in microsoft word (use the column feature to print on the two halves). The hearts are just standard shapes in word with text added, and the little heart shape at the bottom was a clip art of two kissing snakes i already had - so easy!

I also included an invitation to my hen party, the font is Scriptina Pro, and i printed them onto blank postcards i found on ebay
A stag party save the date was also included, the stag is just clipart i already had, that font on Courier New.

Im so pleased how they turned out :)

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