Monday 2 June 2014

Wedding Card Trunk


While Lovely BM is off on his stag do i cracked on with wedding stuff! I spotted my Dad's old boarding school tuck box (off of Enid Blyton!) a little while ago and knew i wanted to use it at the wedding. I was going to line all the sides with fabric but i quite liked some of the ink stains so i decided to leave them uncovered. 
I just cut a piece of thick mount board the same size as the bottom and covered it with some cute purple flower fabric i already had and popped it in the bottom.

Then i made a really simple card banner for the top. I just cut the letters out of grey card, glued them to peach and lilac rectangles and then pegged them to some string. I juts draped that over the top and fixed it with a bit of tape - so easy and so cute!

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