Monday 10 September 2012

Baby boom bibs

As i explained Lovely BM and I's friends are having a bit of a baby boom so i cracked on with some more 'cape' bibs for some of the super bubbas that are arriving in the next few months. No one seems to want to know (or tell) what sex baby their having these days so i had to go with unisex colours, but i love blue so i couldnt resist doing a blue one... someones got to have a boy right!


  1. These are great! How did you make them? With a stencil and fabric paint? x

  2. yes, i just cut a stencil out of freezer paper using my silhouette, ironed it onto the bib, painted it in fabric paint, left it to dry, peeled off the freezer paper and then ironed the back to set the paint. so glad you like them :)