Thursday 20 September 2012

Washi tape stickers - tutorial

I love washi tape and im always trying to think of ways to use it.When i saw this washi tape sticker tutorial i though i could do my own take on it.  What i really wanted was to be able to make stickers to give away, not just to use myself.

So i armed my self with some washi tape, a decorative punch and some freezer paper which would become the backing of the labels

I layered 2 bits of freezer paper over each other and stuck washi tape over the the join. Its important that freezer paper over laps each other and that'll make it easier to pull it away from the sticker when you want to apply your stickers. Also stick the washi tape to the shiny sign of the freezer paper, makes it easier to peel off as well.

I then punched out the hearts. I took the back off my punch and used it upside down as i found it much easier to make sure i was punching in the right area that way

So now i have lots of little heart sticker with easy peel off backing

I used mine to decorate my phone :)

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