Wednesday 12 September 2012

Studded Sandals

No this is not a post about Spartacus or Gladiators (sadly) just  about some old sandals ive spruced up! I loved these sandals last year and i pretty much wore them to death as you can tell from the picture. I wanted to wear them again this year but they were a bit scruffy. So i decided to make them a bit more rock and roll, then the scruffiness could be excused as part of the style (thats what im hoping anyway!). So i just punched some studs i bought off ebay through the leather and folded the prongs back in on themselves. I used the flat end of a thick metal knitting needle to make sure the prongs were fully pushed in - im sure theres a proper tool your supposed to use but the ongoing spending freeze has made me much more resourceful! The backs were still a bit rough though so i just glued some super soft leather i had left over from this jumper to protect my skin. Revived sandals :)

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