Friday 14 September 2012

Wooden handle leather clutch

I subscribe to a few making magazines and they seem to have a free gift attached every week! I got some square wooden handles a few month ago so I thought I’d have a go at a little leather clutch for myself.
It was pretty easy but (as always) I forgot to take pictures as I went along so no tutorial - sorry. I'll try and walk you through it. But aside from that im pretty happy with the finished article, it could probably be a bit shorter, to make it look more suitable for evening, but I’ll give it a try out next time im out for dinner :)
Basically I cut a rectangle of leather and another rectangle of lining fabric that was the same width but slightly shorter. I fed the handles onto the leather and then lined up the short ends of the leather and the lining, right sides together. I sewed the short sides together to make a big loop of fabric, with the handles on the loop.
I then lay the loop flat, right sides together, with the lining fabric central. Make sure the handles are in the right place and then sew along the long sides, only as far as the lining fabric. Don’t forget to leave a gap for turning out.
Turn the fabric out, fold it in half, right side together and match up the lining fabric. Sew a very narrow seam along the sides of the bag. Don’t sew all the way to the handles or you won’t be able to open your bag very wide! Turn the bag right side out and you’re finished

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