Tuesday 23 October 2012

Blueberry frozen yoghurt

Yum :) I love ice cream and frozen yoghurt and sorbet, i even love just plain ice cubes. Im a bit of a ice lover basically! Lovely BM bought me a fancy ice cream maker last christmas (love you BM!) and it is amazing. It makes the most beautifully textured ice creams so i thought it was due some usage.
The ingredients are just a large tub of fat free greek yoghurt, a big punnet of blueberries and a couple of tablespoons of sugar. Whizz them all together in a food processor and check the sweetness. Always make frozen stuff slightly sweeter than unfrozen food as freezing dulls some of the sweeteness. You can strain the mix then to remove all the skins but i quite like the different texture it adds. Although if you use fruit with hard seeds then i would definitely strain the mix. Chuck it all in the ice cream maker and away you go :) You can freeze it in the freezer too if you dont have an ice cream maker, just give it a stir every hour or so to break up any big ice crystals and improve the texture.

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