Thursday 11 October 2012

Sourdough - loaf and pizza base

I saw this fabulous recipe over at Annie's Eats for sour dough pizza. Ive always loved sour dough bread but never got round to making any myself so i knew i had to try this

The starter needs to be made the week before you make the bread and the dough itself needs a long proving period so its not a quick process. But none of it is very difficult, its just a lot of waiting around!

So this is my loaf and my pizza just prior to baking. I put mozarella and sausage on my pizza - yumington!

and this is them after baking :)

The loaf is probably slightly darker than i wanted but it didnt seem to affect the tatse - which was brilliant BTW! The pizza especially is a real winner, i'll be making this again soon

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