Thursday 25 October 2012

Mango sorbet - sugar and fat free

More frozen food! Well the ice creamer maker was already out so itd be rude not to make use of it :)
I do love ice cream etc but it can be really calorific so i thought id try making a fat free and sugar free sorbet. I used a sweetner called Splenda and found this recipe on their website. It was super easy to make, just whizzed everything up in a food processor and popped it in the ice cream maker. Again it was an amazing texture, so smooth and light, but im not sure i was totally sold on the flavour though. Mangos arent my favourite fruit and ive never had sorbet with egg whites in it so im not sure if those two things were colouring my opinion... It certainly wasnt bad though and lovely BM didnt notice it was made with sweetener rather than sugar which must be a good sign! I think i'll try it with some different fruit, possibly kiwi or watermelon and report back!

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