Thursday 18 October 2012

Living with snakes - the reality!

I do love my snakes and really theyre very low maintenance pets but one thing i hadnt really appreciated at first was how much room they'd take up!
Every room in my house has a snake in it (except the kitchen and the bathroom obviously) and every possible flat surface has a snake vivarium on it! I think there's probably zoos with less snakes than we have...

So my dining table is currently a snake nursery - 20 baby corn snakes (above) and my living room has an adult corn snake, 2 adult pythons and 5 more baby corn snakes (below). You can just see the carpet python on the right, draping herself across some logs - shes a gorgeous specimen!

And this doesnt even include the python in the master bedroom and the corn snake in quarantine (possible respiratory infection) in the spare bedroom!
God knows what we'd do if another one got poorly as we havent got any rooms left to quarantine them in!
We're going to need to move house if we get any more!

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