Monday 1 April 2013

Crockpot No Knead Bread

I l-o-v-e bread. I could live on it (with butter of course). My dad has always made it in the family and while his is amazing i do like to try and make my own. But i hate kneading... and i dont have space for a bread maker, which probably means no home made bread :(
So when i saw this no knead recipe i thought i owed it to myself to a least give it a try
The recipe is easy to follow, except for the second proove step. They recommend wrapping the dough in a floured cloth or cling film. I couldnt get along with that at all and ruined 2 batches before this one. So i gave up on that bit and just did my second proove in an oiled bowl - so much easier!
And this bread is amazing :)
Really full of flavour and so airy, a real winner! The crust on mine is a bit thick but thats just because i left it in too long (new cooker teething trouble!)
It being round is slightly awkward if you want to make sandwiches from it but if i buy a lidded loaf tin then that problem would be solved...

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