Saturday 6 April 2013

Doilie cupcake wrappers

I love cupcake wrappers but i can never justify the cost of them, not when they'll only get ripped off to get at the cakey goodness underneath! So i thought i'd have a try at making my own from doilies

I just cut off the outer edge of a doilie, wrapped it around the cupcake and secured it with a bit of tape.
Its certainly not my finest work but i think its an interesting start.
The way i cut the doilie left it vulnerable to ripping, i should have left some of the solid paper attached at the bottom, this would have reduced the chance of the lacey part ripping
The doilie being curved made it difficult to wrap it around the quite straight sided cupcake. Not sure how to fix this - less straight sided cupcakes, fold or pleat the doilie to accomodate the curve, wrap multiple doilies around then they wouldnt all have to be precise as long as together they looked good....
A few more attempts required i think!

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