Thursday 4 April 2013

Music paper/sheet music envelope

My mum is very muscial, theres not many instruments she cant play, so there was always sheet music in the house as a kid. Sadly i didnt inherit her musical abilities but i do have a huge fondness for sheet music. As theres (still) a massive surplus of it at my mums house i though i could make use of it and decided to make envelopes from it.

All you need is an envelope (to use as a template), sheet music, pencil, scissors and some glue

Open out your envelope, lay it on the sheet music and trace around it.

Cut out your envelope shape from the sheet music and then fold it up. Fold in the sides first, then the bottom and glue the bottom flap on top of the side flaps
Fold the top down and either tuck or glue into place
Isnt is cute! I esepcially love that it still has my mum's pencil notes on it :)

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