Friday 12 April 2013

Wire basket liner

Well lovely BM and I have moved house, it all went smoothly but there's obviously not been much time for making stuff. My life revolves around what drawers to use for what stuff and what time the next delivery man/ work man is due! I hope to rectify that this weekend once ive got my new crafting table set up :)

However just prior to moving i decided that i need to sort out my toiletries drawer. As you can see it isnt very well organised, everything is just shoved in there. And knowing that the removal men would just take everything out and shove it in a box i decided it wasnt worth my effort organsing it but it might be worth putting a liner in it, to keep all those stray items together.

So heres the tray itself, its just an ikea jobby that fits in their Pax wardrobes.

And i made a (very quick) lining for it with some black stretch fabric that i bought far too much of once and have been try to use up for years!

All i did was cut out 5 pieces, one for the base and 4 for the sides, slightly larger than the actual area. Then i taped them together with double sided sticky tape. I dont like using pins at the best of times and certainly not for slippy fabrics. I checked the fit, made a few adjustment and trimmed some excess fabric and then just sewed all the sides together.
I was really easy and although i wasnt after a perfect fit or finish it actually turned out pretty well

The drawer is probably only slightly less messy but at least its all contained and that was my main aim after all!

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