Friday 14 March 2014

Bling bride trainers


Lovely BM is pretty tall so ill be wearing heels for most of the wedding day but once the dancing starts i want to be a kinder to my toes so i blinged up some white trainers for myself! Arent they cute!! I have a feeling im going to wear these a lot even after the wedding day...



They were really easy to make. I used Pritt Stick PVA glue and 3mm diamantes from ebay. I just marked the pattern in vanishing pen (apart form the toe, that was just free style!), then picked up the diamante with tweezers, dipped it in the glue and added it to the design - so easy. Time consuming though as the diamantes i chose were tiny but i prefer that look. Both shoes probably took me the length of time it takes to watch 3 episodes of call the midwife!

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