Tuesday 4 March 2014

Wedding Planning

Im so happy that lovely BM and i are getting married, i think being mr and mrs will be wonderful, but i must confess the weddings itself freaks me out... Its not that i dont have the bride gene, i love a good wedding, and i have quite a few ideas on what i like, its just that the amount of choice and detail overwhelms me. And the cost of everything, dont get me started on the cost :(
Im going to try and diy as much as i can, flowers, decorations, cake etc, and use family, friends and acquaintances in the business - if im spending a small fortune, id rather the money ended up in my friends pockets or at least the local economy.
But that exacerbates my choice issues, friends are so willing to do whatever you want, which is lovely and sweet, but also overwhelming, sometimes there only being one option (as long as its not awful!) is a godsend!
Choice also means cost, and my god theres a lot of cost :( almost enough to really take the buzz out of it all. Theres somethings we just wont or cant scrimp on, we want a lot (100+) guests so thats immediately big spend territory. We want at least a partial free bar, we want our dream wedding rings and we want everyone really well fed. So were looking at a £10k+ wedding already. £10k, for one day! Makes my brain (and my savings account) ache. 
Weve been to most of our guests weddings and been treated wonderfully so i dont begrudge doing the same for them but my goodness the idea of handing over that money does keep me up at night...
Sorry to be so moany, i know were lucky that we can afford to do it, i should count my blessing.
But expect a lot of wedding posts (and possibly financial ones!) in next few months, were turning this wedding around fast as the provisional date in july 26th so its full steam ahead!

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