Monday 24 March 2014

Wedding reception games - my top ten

Im really keen to make sure our guests are entertained at our wedding, ive been to a few where the wait between the ceremony and the meal is pretty long and with little else to do but drink (even thats sometimes not possible!) people can get a bit restless. As the wedding will (hopefully) be on a farm with lots of space, i want to make the most of that and have some games. But also as we cant rely on the great British weather to facilitate outdoor games, i want to make sure theres some indoor things to entertain people as well.
So ive been hunting for wedding games and theres so many good ideas out there! This is a list of the top ten ive found so far

Squash Bowling

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Bean bag toss
Tarp target practise
Pin the bride and groom on the cake
He said she said game

Printable Wedding Mad Lib A Fun Guest Book Alternative by WeddingsByJamie
Guest Mad Libs

ring toss game
Wine bottle ring toss

build a shishkaball ball-drop for backyard games
Giant Kerplunk

Color Customized Printable Bridal / Wedding Shower Games
Bride and groom quiz

Bean bag hole toss

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