Saturday 22 March 2014


As i've mentioned before the cost of a wedding does stress me out massively, and something else that usually stresses me out is the costs of holidays.  So combine those two and the cost of a honeymoon its just going to tip me over the edge! In addition, because were not asking for gifts but letting people contribute to our honeymoon fund instead, we wont know how much we have to spend/save until after the wedding. So we decided to have a Minimoon instead. Basically a teeny tiny honeymoon for the two of us to celebrate becoming husband and wife :)

Seven Dials Entrance

We love eating out and especially love steak houses so we're going to revisit our favourite - Hawksmoor Seven Dials. We went at Christmas and loved it, and on Monday's its £5 corkage so lovely BM can take his special red wine he's been saving for 2 years and have it with an epic steak! So were going to stay at the super cute One Leicester Street in London's Chinatown Sunday and Monday night and treat ourselves to a bit of luxury for a few day and decompress from the wedding. Im possibly as excited about this as the wedding!!

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